Saturday, September 02, 2006


Salutations and Welcome!

This blog is designed specifically for updating friends and family with the goings and comings of my little family. It also gives me a chance to record ideas, share stories, and various observations that I have.

Thanks again for visiting!


Vila1 said...

Hey there,

So you’re on your way to bigger, better, and on the snotty Upper East Side! J

Best of Luck to you Jeremy, I will make a Scottish Trifle and eat some Haggis in your honor, (after I make it without all the suet those crazy Brits and Scots like to eat so much of).

Thanks for all the assistance at work and the much more interesting archeology info you have shared.

Vila D. Deuel.
Seller OnRamp
AOL: viladawn
SKYPE: vdeuel

Jeremy Robb said...

Thanks Vila! If you ever think of learning about the Mac, feel free to sign up for a class here at the U! ^_^